Video Production Services

Here at MGB we have many video production services that we offer. From filming, through to editing, through to dvd authoring and reproduction. There aren’t many aspects that we cant cover. If you cant see what you need here don’t be put off. Contact us and one of our team will deal with your query personally.

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Corporate Videos

No matter what industry you are in, it has become a symbol of your professionalism to have corporate videos on your website, or as examples of your work and what you do. Here at MGB Productions we are experts at getting your message across with professional polished content. Having worked with well known high profile clients like Gallo Vineyards, Carte Blanche you can be happy in the knowledge that we know how do deliver quality content. See examples of our Corporate Videos

Gallo Summer White Video Title Card - MGB video production services

YouTube Videos

Whether you are Blogger, Chef, Dancer, Singer, Comedian, or Actor. One of the many ways to attract more attention is to have a YouTube channel to support and showcase your talents. We have a wealth of experience in this area and have filmed, scripted, edited and produced content for many successful Youtube Channels. Our video production services will ensure your videos will stand out from the crowd. For examples of our work just follow this link.

Still image taken from a Youtube video production by MGB Productions

Live Events and Performances

Maybe you have a band, maybe you are a singer, maybe you have a dance school or acting group. Whatever it is, we know how important your performances are, and how useful it is to have them documented. From single camera coverage of a acoustic gigs, to multi camera shoots of stage performances, we have the experience. If you are not sure what would work best for you, or what you budget may stretch to, we can help give you options. Here are some examples of our live event filming.

A photo of a Ballet Performance filmed by MGB Productions

Video Editing

For whatever reason, you may have footage that needs organising and editing to make a finished product. Our editors are experts at extracting the story you want to tell, and putting it across in a clear and concise manner. Enabling your content to reach its full potential. No matter what format your files are in, our technical staff can transcode the material, and get to work on it with ease.

A photo of a video production services editing session by MGB Productions

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