Corporate Videos

Examples of our Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos and promotional videos are a great way to communicate with past or future clients. They can convey what your business does, goals that have been achieved, mission statements, future business growth and a whole host of other things. From concept to final product our team have a wealth of experience in this field. Below are some examples of projects we have work on in the past.

Gallo Family Vineyards

When Gallo Family Vineyards released their Summer White wine, they took it on a tour around the UK. It was our job to capture all aspects of this tour, show public reactions and opinions and get a general feel for the new product. The corporate video that we created for Gallo, was then used in the boardroom to convey the facts and figures to the executive management team and directors.

Carte Blanche

When Carte Blanche needed corporate videos to show at a recent trade show, they came to us with a brief and not much time. We managed to use footage they already had, and new footage to put together a great video, on the making of their flagship brands well know cuddly toy, Tatty Teddy. The video sparked lots of interest and gave a great insight into the one of the UK’s best loved brands.

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